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Our goal is to preserve and increase the value of your assets for you and your next generations and ensure that you maintain control over your wealth and assets.

We use our financial acumen to create suitable structures to better manage and increase the value of your assets by delivering the highest level of professional service to a select group of families.
Your family is unique which is why we create programs tailored to your specific needs and goals. We identify long term decisions that require attention.

Our Services

CORE Values

We are on your family’s side and no one else‘s

We are duty-bound to act in our client families’ best interests and are never compensated by any third party for recommendations we make.

SPARTA FOV is an independent advisory company

We have no financial interest in selling your products, meaning there is no hidden agendas or conflict of interest. We are put our client’s interests first, ahead of our own.

Discretion, Trust, Transparency

Always remain in control of your assets. You set the level of engagement, and determine whether we continue working with your legal and accounting team, or engage our professional advisors.


Our personal connections provide access to a wide range of financial institutions, which specialize in high net worth private banking services. We enable access to unique global investment funds that offer attractive investment opportunities. ​

Our Management

Eran Baruchin

CEO & Managing Director

Comming from the risk management field, varying from principal investments to investment banking and is responsible for both its operations and investment activities.

Sara Miller

Senior Partner

Has 15 years experience, responsible for transactions in relation to principal investment, strategic development initiatives, including forming cooperation with international partners.

John Chan

Managing Director

Leading the operational and technological aspects of all analysis and transactions. involved in aspects of analyzing incoming investment opportunities, due diligence and ongoing monitoring of clients.

James Dawson

Investment Manager

Brings 12 years of management experience in various industries including hi-tech to the management team. Previously over ten years of experience working with international financial institutions and banks.


See the answers to some frequently asked questions below

What is family office?

A family office is an organization a wealthy family sets up by hiring a wide range of professionals across multiple disciplines – taxes, estate planning, accounting, bookkeeping, investing, etc. – to work for them and help them manage and execute their wealth management activities. By hiring a dedicated team of individuals, a family ensures that only their agenda is driving all of the activities.

What’s the difference between a family office, my private bank and a wealth advisor?

The difference is independence. Family offices ideally are not affiliated with any bank, financial institution or asset manager. The advice they provide is strictly objective and without the conflict of a sales mandate or a financial interest in selling particular financial products or services.

What’s the difference between discretionary and non-discretionary asset management?

Discretionary management typically means that your advisor is authorized to act on your behalf regarding the execution of your wealth management mandate. Your advisor has the authority to make decisions regarding your investments, financial planning and wealth planning. 

Do I have to change banks?

There is no need for you to change banks. As your advocate, we work with each of your service providers to be sure they are working toward your best interests. Through consolidated reporting, we review transactions, confirm pricing, review commissions, identify errors and see that what you agreed to pay is what you are being charged.

Do I need to leave my financial service providers?

There is no need for you to leave your current financial service providers. Our mission is to enhance and optimize your wealth management by helping you to build your wealth enterprise. We understand that, at your level of wealth, you need a multitude of financial services providers, and that you find value in those relationships. We work with your financial services providers to make sure the services they are providing are in your best interests, and are priced appropriately.


SPARTA FOV provides Family Office and Wealth Management services to high net worth individuals, families, trustees as well as private companies. Over the last 20 years, we have accumulated an important track record in providing professional investment advice to our clients.

SPARTA FOV is a well-known and respected fund in Israel. The reputation of the company and its principals attracts deal flow from industry executives and company shareholders affording us the unique opportunity to cherry-pick suitable investments, and create strong relationships with our clients.

We share an investment philosophy that aligns our interests with those of our partners and together we further expand the potential of our portfolio companies.

SPARTA FOV is a global company and is supported by a network of business partners around the world.
Join us and expand your business potential


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